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Here at Ordbogen.com our language department is the home of the language geeks and grammar nerds.
On a daily basis, we work with 5 languages: Danish, English, German, French and Spanish.

What do we love to do daily?

We love to write, translate and proofread everything. We proofread this text. We love to support our customers with their language and translation needs via email, chat and phone. We love the detective work required to write new dictionary entries for our self-produced dictionaries (we make Ordbogen’s dictionaries from scratch!).

We love to develop and write grammar, spelling and reading exercises for our educational product Grammatip.com. We love to develop and write exercises for all grade levels and subjects in the Danish school system on our crosscurricular teaching platform Educas.com. We should also mention that what we create follows the Fælles Mål guidelines in Denmark. Pretty cool, huh?

We love language jokes. And cake. In fact, we love a good pun as much as the next pie.

We don’t discriminate: We value both student part-time workers and regular ol’ full-time workers.