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Hardware and Software

We want you to be comfortable in your technology shoes here at Ordbogen; we welcome Mac lovers, Linux supporters and Windows fans alike! We typically use VIM editor, but we’re flexible on your preferences for that too.

Development with Flexibility

Here at Ordbogen.com we believe in a harmonious combination of freedom and responsibility.

You and your team are able to independently determine how the task at hand is to be solved. We also work with many different technologies: PHP, Python, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Coffee Script, Qt, C++, Objective-C and Swift. So, no matter your preference for code, you will feel welcome and at home in our IT Department. Do you think OpenStack, Docker or Jenkins sound exciting?; then you'll really like our development environment. We love Linux open source and we are happy to give back to that environment.


SCRUM itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex software projects. We love to use it because we can significantly increase our productivity and reduce delays which are relative to classic “waterfall” processes. SCRUM enables us to adjust smoothly to rapidly-changing product requirements, and produce a product that meets our ever evolving business goals in a timely manner.


As an added bonus to SCRUM, we use KANBAN. Kanban is Japanese for “visual signal” or “card.” Toyota line-workers used a kanban (i.e., an actual card) to signal steps in their manufacturing process. The system’s highly visual nature allowed teams to communicate more easily on what work needed to be done and when. It also standardised cues and refined processes, which helped to reduce waste and maximise value. We love to use Kanban because it takes information and processes that typically would be communicated via words and turns it into visual brain candy.