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What are our focal points?

Simply put, we focus on developing new ideas that generate revenue and awareness for our company. Firstly, we determine how to reach our company's target market (aka our customers), and then we determine what kinds of advertising and messaging tactics will appeal to them. We work across multiple media platforms and try to tell our stories "differently"; because we are different. As an innovative and groundbreaking company, the messages we send out tend to echo that same sentiment. We drink a lot of coffee and work pretty hard, but we love it!

What's our process?


Strategy (What are we going to do?)

  • KPIs
  • Audience research
  • Channel research
  • Strategic planning

Creative (How are we going to do it?)

  • SEO / SEM
  • Product and career landing pages
  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • SoMe
  • Digital newsletters


  • Public and media relations
  • Business publicity
  • Community relations
  • Ad campaigns
  • Strategic alliances with nearby educational institutions

(How is our performance and how can we improve?)

  • ROI and conversions
  • Lead evaluation
  • Follower growth
  • Media hits and readership