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What do we love to do daily?

We’re a cross-disciplinary team, with a strong focus on interface design and user experience; our designs are focused on providing accessibility for a wide range of users. In addition to this, we also handle everything related to video production, printed materials and animations.

What do we master?

We use the complete Adobe Creative Cloud package, as well as Sketch 3 for interface prototyping. We’re involved in all steps of production, from concept development to implementation. We design for internal users, schools, B2C and B2B. We’re an agile team, using Kanban for continuous improvement. We are well-versed in HTML and CSS, and can top-follow programming languages like PHP. We work as a team; giving and receiving constructive critique helps us to constantly evolve. We love the Mac platform and use it almost exclusively in our department.

We design for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS across a wide range of web, mobile and desktop devices.