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What do we sell?

We sell subscriptions to all of our products with a salary + commission structure in place.

Who do we sell to?

We sell to the majority of the Danish school & business population: Our clients include municipal and government organisations, big businesses and all levels of the educational system (public and private elementary through high schools as well as universities and adult learning centres). We currently have over 90 000 clients in Denmark alone.

What do our days look like?

We start our day off with a cup of coffee, some cake (obviously) and our kick-off meeting. In our kick-off meeting, we decide our individual and team goals and then start our day together. We end the day with a similar meeting.

What can I expect from the sales environment?

Well, 80% of our sales are outbound calls via phone; which means you should have a great phone voice and a penchant for “the chase”. New employees get a call list, which is a combination of expired clients, clients we don’t have yet, and clients that we want to add services to. As our sales consultants build seniority and establish results, they are given their own client portfolio to manage. From there, in addition to sales, consultants are responsible for customer support and client relationship management.

Finally, being an IT company, we have the advantage of having a custom sales system developed for us which is easy to use and fully equipped with auto trials, offers, invoices and renewals – letting you focus on nothing else but sales.