Ordbogen A/S - About us & our products...

We certainly do not have a shortage of words; in fact, we have quite the opposite! Ordbogen.com is our company name and our flagship product. As Denmark's largest online dictionary website, we host over 60 different online dictionaries and have over 2,2 million article views per day. In addition to this, we offer 2 transformational, online educational products: Grammatip and Educas. Grammatip.com is our online tool for teaching Danish spelling and Danish, English, German and French grammar to Danish school children (0th-10th grade) and adult learners. Educas.com is our digital 'blackboard' for Folkeskole teachers; via this portal, teachers have access to thousands of pre-made learning exercises, spanning all subjects from the 1st-10th grade in Denmark. Both Grammatip and Educas' exercises are assigned and solved online, with new exercises being uploaded daily.

Aside from our transformational products, we have some big plans! When we started over 12 years ago, we started as a true entrepreneurial company. Today, we employ over 130 team members, across 15 different nationalities, speaking over 20 languages. We continue to maintain the true entrepreneurial spirit; we are courageous, ground-breaking and innovative with a very special office culture. All of these accomplishments have led us to be the proud recipient of 6 Gazelle Awards in a row. Our "day-after-tomorrow" plan is to expand physically into international markets, with our first stop being Germany, via our international site, Lemma.com. Additionally, we are in the process of developing a ground-breaking, real-time translation product that will change the way people communicate - in business and in day-to-day life. Join our journey!

We live here

We liked Odense, and we decided to stay. With easy access to both Jylland and Sjælland, and a thriving student community, it seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Don’t know much about Odense?

With nearly 200 000 inhabitants it is Denmark’s 3rd largest city. Flushed with culture and history, and truly focused on internationalisation - it is a great fit for Danes and internationals alike.

With a work culture like no other

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Here at Ordbogen we emphasise work/life balance and are fairly certain that our work culture defies the norm in every aspect. Need a brain break? Play fetch with the office dog. Challenge your coworkers to a game of MarioKart. Build some lego. Take 10 minutes for a yoga retreat in our yoga room. Blow off some steam at our ritual ‘Friday’s Bar’. Come skydiving with us. Travel the world with your team for a company conference. We know that our employees are the backbone of our business, of our success - and we make sure our workplace environment reflects that.