Denmark’s leading company in linguistic technology

Ordbogen A/S is a high-tech IT company and eight-time winner of the Gazelle award for company growth. We’re never at a loss for words – in fact, it’s quite the opposite! We have billions of lookups in our online dictionaries and many millions of solved exercises on our digital teaching portals, and We are the largest of our kind in Scandinavia, and we are expanding our language technology into the global market.

We are an enterprising company with more than a hundred employees of various nationalities. Even though we have grown, we are determined to hold on to our entrepreneurial spirit. We are courageous, trailblazing and innovative, and we have a unique company culture. These qualities have led the path to our success and made us the proud winners of 8 Gazelle awards – but we need you! Would you like to join our journey?

We live here

We liked Odense, and we decided to stay. With easy access to both Jylland and Sjælland, and a thriving student community, it seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Don’t know much about Odense?

With nearly 200 000 inhabitants it is Denmark’s 3rd largest city. Flushed with culture and history, and truly focused on internationalisation - it is a great fit for Danes and internationals alike.

With a work culture like no other

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Here at Ordbogen we emphasise work/life balance and are fairly certain that our work culture defies the norm in every aspect. Need a brain break? Challenge your coworkers to a game of MarioKart. Build some lego. Blow off some steam at our ritual ‘Friday’s Bar’. Come skydiving with us. Travel the world with your team for a company conference. We know that our employees are the backbone of our business, of our success - and we make sure our workplace environment reflects that.

Your time is flexible

We know you have a life. Maybe you have kids, maybe you’ve got a dog… or maybe you just need that extra hour of sleep in the morning. Whatever the reason, your work hours can be flexible.

Our Tantalising Canteen

Our canteen is stocked with libations for every taste: Colas, milk, soda water, coffee, gourmet teas and fresh fruit baskets all around the office for a healthy treat. Our fully catered daily lunch has an impressive weekly lineup with foods to impress even the pickiest of eaters.

Hardware and Software

We want you to be comfortable in your technology shoes here at; we welcome MAC lovers, Linux supporters and Windows fans alike! We typically use VIM editor, but we're flexible on your preferences for that too.

Our expectations of you as a team member


You want to be one of the best. Mediocrity is not in your code of conduct. You actively seek alternative possibilities and are constantly striving to improve functionality. You have the drive to be a first-mover, an entrepreneur.


You do what you do best, with a will to succeed and a passion to see your work positively impact the future of languages and learning in Denmark and abroad. You come to work eager to incite change, eager to display your talent.


You don’t necessarily have it all planned out, but you want to go places. You see the bigger picture, and work with our company to achieve it. You want to be part of the team that shapes the future of learning and communication in Denmark and abroad.

Available Careers